Quick Facts


The Columbia Shuswap region is centrally located between Vancouver BC and Calgary Alberta and covers an area of  29,003.30 square kms.

The city of Salmon Arm is the largest in the region with a population of 16,000 approx.


The CSRD has 2 time zones. The majority of the region is on Pacific Standard Time (PST) until just before Golden when we switch to Mountain Standard Time (MST).


The High Alpine climate in the east produces an average annual snowfall at the alpine snow stations near Golden of 650 cms or 256 inches. The average mean total snowfall for the region is 182 cms per year. The average rainfall for the same region is 12.1 inches per year, less than one-quarter the rainfall of Vancouver.

Average summer temperatures range between 24.9 C/76.8F and 9.4C/48.9F, and average temperatures in July reach between 28.6C and 11.2C. Average winter temperatures range between -6C/21.2F and -14.4C/6.1F, with the average daily temperature in December reaching between .08C and -5.1C.

The Shuswap Lake system in the west boasts 1,900 hours of sunshine per year.


Vancouver to Kamloops Airport is a 50 min direct flight.
Calgary to Kamloops is 1hr 20min.

Vancouver to Kelowna airport is a 58 min flight.
Calgary to Kelowna is 1 30min.

There are also smaller municipal airports in Salmon Arm, Revelstoke and Golden.